❝Hey i just met you, & this is crazy. But i dont like you, cos i love 1D!❞

Hey guys, it's Vy from Vietnam. I'm 15 & i like green, but i love purple more ;D. Talk to me whenever you want, i'm here for ya. Oh & visit my other Tumblr of Percy Jackson by cliking the star above xxxx

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I admire that I have a Partner in Crime.

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Recently in Aurora, Colorado a 24 year old man named James Holmes, open fired in a theatre at the the sold out Batman premiere. He shot a total of 71 people, and killed 12. The victims of this tragedy had not asked for this, and did not deserve this. Among them were a 6 year old girl, who’s mother is in critical condition from the shooting and has not learned that her baby girl is dead. Another victim lost his life while shielding his girlfriend of 2 years.

My heart and prayers have and will go out to the families, and friends of the victims and also to the people wounded, as i hope that they fully recover from this tragedy. 

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I would really like to see how many notes we can get this, to show the families of the victims that they are in our hearts, and we are praying for them. 


“I am not! Anyway, I followed her to the Big House and hid in a bush and watched the whole thing.”

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They should make a One Direction Theme Park. 


And in it, would be Zayn’s roller coaster that is life.


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